The Vision is Clear in Baja Mexico - CODET VISION INSTITUTE

Last October, while attending the Medical Tourism Association & Employer Benefits Conference in Los Angeles, we met Daniel Chayet who is the CEO of Codet Vision Institute located in Tijuana, Mexico. After a brief introduction to the clinic, it was clear that we needed to see it first-hand. 

Although Tijuana does not have a great reputation at the moment, I can say that the clinic keeps you in a "bubble" while in town. Most U.S. patients choose to stay in San Diego (where I stayed) and enjoy all that San Diego has to offer. The Gaslamp Quarter is a great area right in downtown full of fantastic dinning options. On the day of your appointment with Codet, the clinic will send their fully branded car and driver to pick you up from your hotel, and after a short 30-40 minute ride (depending on traffic) drop you off right at the front door of Codet VIsion Institute where you will be greeted in the lobby by reception. Of all of the staff I interacted with, 98% spoke fluent English and 100% were professional and welcoming. 

While touring the instutue, it was clear that Codet is a natural choice for many in Southern California. I was able to speak with one patient who is an attorney in San Diego, and he could not stop raving about how great Codet was- it was nice to hear from a patient first-hand. 

As I did want to experience the local cuisine, we made a stop at Telefonica Gastro Park which is a very cool food truck scene with tons of great food to choose from. We then headed back to San Diego.

On an important side note- I have Global Entry and although it is automatically activated through an airport kiosk for air travel, the same is NOT true for land crossings. After we were sent to secondary inspection, the customs agent kindly informed me that I needed to physically go online to activate the global entry card for land crossings. Something to keep in mind that will spare you the unnecessary delay of a secondary inspection. 

If you want to learn more about Codet Vistion Institute, I have included their Youtube whiteboard video below. Please feel free to send us a note if you have any questions or would like to plan a trip!