Dental Excursion in Bogota, Colombia

I had the pleasure of visiting one of our dental care partners(14-85 Dental Spa) in Bogota, Colombia recently- and what a great experience it was. 14-85 Dental Spa (yes, you can get a massage before your treatment) is located near the Park 93 area of Bogota. The streets were filled with business professionals and lined with tons of great dinning options. Upon arrival at the clinic, you'll check in at the front desk of the building and head right up to the suite. The reception area is friendly and inviting (the staff speak English, Spanish and French). Once I arrived we toured the facilities, which I found to be identical to what we're used to here in the United States from some of the best providers. Of course, as I was due for a cleaning, I thought it would be the perfect time to get it done! As the clinic name implies, there is a spa element to the whole experience. This includes your choice of massage prior to your treatment, aroma therapy and tranquil spa music. After this portion of the treatment, you'll be offered different options to help reduce the dental component which include noise canceling headphones or you're own flat screen TV. I can say my routine cleaning experience was great and I definitely was very relaxed the whole time. I've never been offered a massage prior to treatment in the U.S. so that element alone was great. 

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